Andrea Wilderman

Graduate Student

B.S. Biology, Cornell University

M.S. Plant Physiology, Iowa State University


I am a Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. student in the Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology and interested in the impact of 3-dimensional chromatin structure on gene expression. My current projects include contributing to an atlas of early craniofacial development and using circularized chromatin capture followed by sequencing (4C-seq) to investigate long-range interactions between the HoxA cluster and a predicted distal super-enhancer. The study compares the interactions seen in mouse embryonic craniofacial tissue to heart, brain and limb, other tissues in which the HoxA cluster is active during development.  I work with Unix-based software and R packages to build analysis pipelines for data from 4C-seq and other next-generation sequencing technologies.

Contact Information
Office LocationR1261, 400 Farmington Ave.
CampusUconn Health