Sungryong Oh

Postdoctoral Fellow

Genetics & Genome Sciences

Sungryong joined the Cotney Lab after completing his education in Korea. He completed his BS in Biological Sciences and then earned his Masters and Doctorate from Seoul National University in the Sung Hee Baek lab. Sungryong completed his first postdoctoral fellowship at The Research Institute of Basic Science.

Sungryong received a Poster Award Prize for his work on the functional role of hypoxia-mediated Reptin/Pontin methylation. He also presented a poster on PHF6 function in mouse embryonic stem cell differentiation. Most recently, Sungryong was awarded a Lee Se Yong Outstanding Ph.D. Thesis Award Prize for his work on the chromatin-binding protein PHF6.

Currently, Sungryong is optimizing protocols for growing and visualizing heart organoids. He is interested in development across time and looking for genomic changes and conservation.In addition to his scientific pursuits, Sungryong enjoys playing soccer and basketball, biking, traveling, and eating good food.

Contact Information
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CampusUConn Health