Genome Browser Tutorial Posted

Please check out our YouTube video tutorial for loading and using our Craniofacial Epigenomics Atlas. If you have questions or suggestions for future videos or gene shortcuts please let us know.

Cotney Lab Among 5 Labs at UConn Health/JAXGM awarded MIRA

The Cotney lab was featured in UConn Today along with other labs from UConn Health and JAXGM that were recently awarded R35 MIRA grants.  Congrats to all these great labs!  Looking forward to great science from all in the New Year!

Duygu Ucar, left, Justin Cotney, Brenton Graveley, Stefan Pinter, and Zhengqing Oyang at the Cell and Genome Sciences Building in Farmington on Nov. 15, 2017. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Andrea wins poster prize at retreat!

Congrats to Andrea on winning the top student poster at the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences annual retreat!  The retreat was held December 6th at the Farmington Marriott.  Talks by JAXGM‘s Bill Skarnes, GGS’s Sandra Garrett, and graduate student Emaly Peicuch, posters by postdocs and graduate students, and interactions amongst members of UConn Health and JAXGM made for an excellent retreat.  Thanks to Isolde Bates for all your work organizing the event.